K9Grass by ForeverLawn of Puget Sound

A testimonial from one of our happy customers:

     Just wanted you to know how happy we are with our new lawn. But mostly I wanted to talk to you about your crew. They were all very polite, friendly, and were working all the time. I never saw anyone slacking. They were able to complete the job in two days, inspite of the pouring rain.

     This may be what you expect of your crew, but my experiences lately haven’t been like that. It is very refreshing and greatly appreciated having a crew that got to work and got the job done very well, and were fun to interact with. Please share my appreciation with the guys.

     As for the yard, as soon as I let the dogs out on it, the German Shepherd peed and pooped on it, so it is all broke in. She was running and jumping all over on the grass and loved it.

Thanks again.

Teresa Graham